Tips for Contests

The way to increase your odds of winning enter in contests that are hard, such as photo or essay contests or recipe contests. Fewer people enter contests that require more then just inputting their information.

Another way to win something is by voting. Sometimes when you vote for the winner you stil receive a “prize” for voting. One contest I voted on a commerical for Febreeze. Even though I never made a video my name was put in for free product of Febreeze! 

Make sure you have an email account that you don’t get a lot of personal emails for, otherwise you may miss them! Keep checking emails at least once a day and even junk mail. Some wins have time limits and you must respond back in a certain time otherwise you forfit the prize.

Also downloading a form filler helps. (keep an eye on the rules to make sure that that doesnt disqualify you. ) I currently use Roboform. Makes it easier then filling out the same information over and over as well allows you to enter more contests in a shorter amount of time!

Make sure you keep your eyes open a read information that is given about the contest. Dont enter your cell number to get a text if you dont want to pay for that later. Also some contests are just to get mailing information to send you information. If you don’t want this then make sure you keep an eye out and uncheck it.

Remember there isn’t just online contests. Don’t forget to try now and then to enter contests that require the old fashion way of filling out a piece of paper and putting a stamp on it.

When you win, remember to send an email or letter to company thanking them. No company has to provide a contest, they do it for promotional reasons. Knowing that their customers are happy means they may hold one again in the future. (also it is always nice to just say thank you for something !)

Have fun, follow the rules and happy winning!!!


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