Asian Apple Slaw (perfect potluck meal)

Looking for a great recipe for a bbq or potluck? Try Asian Apple Slaw, it is great for not only the taste but also a healthy kidney recipe.



4 cups of cabbage, finely shredded
1/2 cup red pepper, chopped
3 green onions, chopped
1 granny smith apple, shredded
1/2 cup celery, chopped
1/2 cup cilantro
2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp sesame oil
1/4 cup lime juice
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
2 tbsp sugar


Directions :

Combine all herbs, fruit and vegetables in a  mixing bowl.

In a separate bowl, whisk together oils, lime juice, vinegar and sugar.

Toss the slaw with the salad dressing and garnish with toasted sesame seeds.


Serves 8 (serving size is 3/4 cups)

Nutrient Analysis

  • Calories: 186
  • Protein: 1g
  • Carbohydrates: 10g
  • Fibre: 2g
  • Total Fat: 15g
  • Sodium: 17mg
  • Phosphorus: 25mg
  • Potassium: 164mg

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