My operation

From time to time on this blog I will speak about my journey. I currently have kidney failure which they believe to be called Alport disease. The disease not only affects my kidneys but also my hearing. It can also affect eyesight but I have yet to have that issue.

Last Wednesday I went for surgery to have a tube placed in my stomach. It allows me to have dialysis in the home. It is done with fluid instead of my blood.

First they placed IV in to me and started the antibiotic along with some gravol. When they gave me gravol it made me very calm and put me to sleep. I slept for an hour and then I was told it was my time for surgery. I had make sure my bladder was empty. By then the gravol was done and I was awake. I was wheeled into a room that looked like a cross between a xray and ultrasound room. They placed me on the table and started to prep. While doing so I was freezing so they gave me blankets.

They had hooked me up to morphine and a sedative which allowed me to be awake when they needed to me but also allowed me to be calm enough to sleep. Then about 30 mins into it they started the process. Which meant they stuck me with 6 freezing needles. I screamed quite loud throughout this process. I am not one for needles. Then they begain the process, I was quite out for most of this until they asked my to puff out my stomach. They watched on a screen to make sure the tube was placed in the correct spot. Then after 2 and a half hours, they sewed me up and sent me to recovery.

I was in recovery for an hour while they checked my blood pressure every half hour and my body temp. Then I was able to go home.

I had my first flush this past Wednesday and have to give myself 2 more next week. I also learned how to change my dressing as I have to do this daily. The plus side on all this is in 2 weeks I will be able to do dialysis in my own home as well as be able to travel.

It is another hurdle that I have jumped and hopefully one more to recovery! Next step, getting home and then putting myself through testing to be placed on transplant list.



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