My dialysis treatment

Well a lot has happened this summer that caused it to go by quite fast! After my PD surgery. I had training to use the machine for a week.
What the machine does is it drains me first to make sure all fluid is out of my cavity, then fills me up with fluid (I am on 2000 ml now each fill) and sits for an hour. Then it drains out and fills me up again. This is done for 6 cycles a night. At first the draining hurt. They stated it was because it was new. They were very correct because now it feels like intense hunger pains. I can handle that feeling and I have no problem sleeping through the draining. (it only happens at first and last drain) I am loving PD Dialysis now because it doesn’t drain me the way Hemodialysis does. After Hemo you can barely move. You feel worn out in ways I can’t even begin to explain. And at the same time you are insanely hungry.


Just a week ago I had my perm catheter removed from my chest. This was done by freezing needles. Sadly the freezing didn’t take for me (i don’t know why because the last time it did) and I felt the scalpel. The doctor then placed in 2 more needles. I was frozen but still felt pain due to doctor hitting a bone during removal. It hurt a lot. But nothing really serious went wrong so I am thankful. I did cry like a baby though. Thankfully I wont need this catheter placed back in.
Now I am just enjoying life and spending time with my family. I am now able to help out at the school more and being more involved with the kids. It is such a different story from last year when I was too tired to move most days.




2 thoughts on “My dialysis treatment

  1. Kolagirl, I don’t know how anyone can play that game. It was pretty hard! Thanks, I couldn’t imagine going through all this either in the beginning. I am very lucky to have a great support system!

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