Please Just clean your room!

The hardest thing for me to get done is for my children to clean their rooms! 

I find it is like pulling teeth, you keep grasping ways to get them to do it. I have tried bribing my children with money, treats like McDonald’s, and even threatening to not allow television time.  Yet nothing seems to stick.

One mother has told me that if her children leave garbage around the house, she asks them once to pick it up then she puts it in their bedroom so they can see what they are leaving around the house. I’d do that but then my kids rooms would look like a local dump!

The problem is mainly my fault. When my kids were little I picked up after them. I figured they were children and they needed to be allowed to play without the worry of chores. Now it is coming to bit me in the behind for doing so.

So now my husband and I are stuck with actually doing the cleaning for them. Maybe we will get it right when we have grandchildren!
How do you get your children to clean up after themselves?



One thought on “Please Just clean your room!

  1. My nieces and nephew only really pick up when they are asked by someone who isn’t their parent. I’ve managed to get my niece to clean her entire playroom. It was a miracle!

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