My simple mistake on PD

On Friday, I was in a hurry to get unhooked from PD because we were running late and I had to get my kids to the stop in time for school.

When you get unhooked from pd, you have to close the catheter that is in your body and then close the clamp on your machine tube that connects to you. I closed the machine tube and unhooked. I did not close the catheter! Fluid sprayed everywhere (at the end of dialysis my stomach fills with 200 mls for comfort so the catheter has padding in my body) and I closed it right away!  I then got my children ready for school and sent. While I did this my husband called the dialysis unit to inform them and make sure it was okay that it happened.

From my training I knew it probably wasn’t. The catheter opening had been contaminated by air.  Sure enough, I was correct and I was informed I had to get into the dialysis unit for antibiotics. Once in the unit, they drained the fluid that was left in me. Added fluid from a twin bag (a small bag of fluid that is similar to those I place on my dialysis machine) to my drain bag and then injected 2 antibiotics into the bag that was going into me on the twin bag. (the twin bag is called a twin bag because there is 2 bags, one with fluid and one is a drain bag.) Once the fluid and meds were in my body, I had to sit for 15 mins. I have an allergy to penicillin and these meds were for those that were allergic but still could cause a reaction. I received a drain bag, masks and isogel in case there was an issue on the way home.  I had to drain right away and get to a hospital. (nothing ended up happening but at least we were prepared for it!) This fluid had to sit in my stomach a minimum of 6 hours before being drained on my dialysis machine.

The nurse doesn’t believe there will be a problem but we took care of it just in case. For the next week I just have to make sure I do not get pain or run a fever. I believe I will be fine. This is how a simple mistake could be a bad one. Hopefully I never make it again! I feel very foolish that I made this one mistake, but I figure since it is my first one and I just got the machine in July, I am doing pretty good!


2 thoughts on “My simple mistake on PD

  1. Yeah. You’ve got to be very careful, and never in a hurry. Peritonitis will remind you of childbirth and could cause you the loss of your peritoneum. The kids can be late, you’re aseptic-ism is more important. Here are some tips that I use to keep myself infection free for over 5 years. First kill all airflow at the source. Anything with a fan or blower should be completely off, including the furnace/ac (it can come on when you least expect! And no…shutting the vent isn’t enough.). Shut all doors and windows completely. Find new homes for your cats, dogs, and rodents. Cats, especially, will kill you. I love cats…sigh. When traveling or in the hospital, you won’t be able to turn furnaces off. Use Duct tape and garbage bags/plastic sheeting to tape off the venting. Peritoneal dialysis is the best (in my opinion) method. If you want it to last until a transplant, you need to be really, really, really serious. Did I mention how much I like kittens? Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment John. I do have a cat. I have been advised by my team that it is okay for me to have a cat just not in my room. She doesn’t sleep with me anyways and is mainly my daughter’s cat. (until my husband is home then she cuddles with him on his chair) As for the furnace, since I live in Canada shutting it off for the night isn’t an option. We would freeze and so would my solution. My thermostat is downstairs and there is no way I can turn it on and off while I am hooked up. The nurse that comes in and checks on my home area for my machine and trains me stated during the training they aren’t concerned with the furnace. The ac and fans are more of the problem because of how they blow on you. My slip up was because my children take the bus to school. Being late isn’t a good thing since I do not drive and we live in the country. That’s why I was rushing. I agree me being safe is more important but at the time I was half asleep and not concentrating but I do double check now everyday that I am completely closed before unhooking! I hope you are finding yourself well and good luck to you as well!

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